eRisk Solutions offers a unique combination of Loss Prevention, Claims Adjustment, Accident Reconstruction, Cause & Origin, Environmental Oversight & Management, and Catastrophic Responses. If an accident or loss does occur, the technical investigation and claims management teams works with loss prevention professionals to provide claims handling.

Whether it is a fire or explosion, vehicle or workplace accident, environmental cleanup, property loss, building valuation, product defect or accident reconstruction, eRisk provides 24/7 response and services.

Loss Prevention & Safety.

Loss Prevention & Safery professionals hired as industry experts

  • Loss control services provided include Compliance Audits, OSHA Training, CETP Training, Hazmat Training, Hazwoper Training DOT Compliance, OSHA Compliance, and RigPass Training

Claim Adjustment.

Experts trained to ensure claims are investigated and handled in a thorough and cost effective manner.

  • Water, smoke and soot related claims
  • Vehicle damage to building components
  • Remediation from environmental claims
  • Utility damage claims
  • Construction related claims
  • Specialized property & liability claims

Cause & Origin.

Team of certified experts with policy, fire and private investigational experience.

  • I.A.A.I. and N.A.F.I certifications
  • Expert identification and collection of evidence
  • Certified in Fire Investigations, Explosion Investigations and Vehicle Fire Investigations

Accident Reconstruction.

Team of experienced and knowledgeable accident reconstruction experts.

  • Many of whom are former state/local police officers, trained to quickly respond to loss scenes and launch a thorough investigation to determine liability
  • Certified by Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR)

Environmental Oversight & Management.

Specialized experts with industry knowledge and vast wealth of experience handling environmental losses.

  • Proven track record of successful investigation and adjustment of environmental losses
  • Former Project Managers with environmental remediation companies as well as insurance professionals
    with environmental claims handling experience

Catastrophic Response.

Catastrophic insurance claims adjusting services to insurance carriers throughout the United States.

  • Knowledge in providing insurance and risk management services combined with dedicated and experienced on-site claims and support staff