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A specialized platform focused on providing turn-key risk management and claims.

eRisk Solutions was developed to make our unique and acclaimed services available to a wider audience, and to deliver mechanisms to manage exposures, drive down losses and improve risk management.


The Challenge of Safety

View source Championing safety at the corporate level means convincing senior management that investing in safety pays dividends. A job in safety is, of necessity, a high-profile position. The ability to work seamlessly with all areas of an operation is critical to...

Improving safety in construction with connected technology

View source Real-time monitoring of conditions can protect workers and equipment from damage. The construction industry is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous environments to work in around the world, with OSHA reporting that one in five deaths among U.S....

10 key elements for a workplace heat safety program

View source Roughly half of the workforce is at an increased risk for heat illness—make sure you’re properly protecting the health of your workers. Globally, extreme heat waves have been increasing in their frequency, duration and magnitude and are expected...

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