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A specialized platform focused on providing turn-key risk management and claims.

eRisk Solutions was developed to make our unique and acclaimed services available to a wider audience, and to deliver mechanisms to manage exposures, drive down losses and improve risk management.


The Evolution of Telematics

View Source: Sid Nair Imagine you walk into your dispatch office and see that your vehicle has broken down, your driver is running out of available hours, and inclement weather is delaying your next job. As the fleet manager, you now have to decide how best to handle...

Best Practices For Upholding Labor Standards For Remote Employees  

View source: Jonathan Herpy The increase in remote labor isn't a phenomenon restricted only to the 2020 pandemic. More and more enterprises have been employing people remotely in recent years, with a 2019 study showing that 30% of those surveyed worked remotely on a...

Tracking Tips For Auto Fleet Management

Source Auto fleet management involves a process of tracking vehicles by using a GPS system that is capable of gathering many different kinds of information, and all this information can then be used to improve the performance of your fleet as well as your drivers. It...

Camera monitoring significantly improves Driver safety

Source:  University of Nottingham A new study has shown HGV drivers drive much more safely when there are cameras in their cabs monitoring their behavior. Computer scientists and driving psychologists from the University of Nottingham analyzed data collected before...

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