Hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Lee is schedule to pass close to New England and in particular Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine will potentially see hurricane force winds, heavy rain fall, and damaging storm surge.


  • Prepare your property by removing any loose items outside, securing tanks, boarding windows. Any outdoor displays, signs things that may typically be left outside, should be moved inside.
  • Secure first floor doorways with sandbags, heavy plastic or other item to prevent the interior from possible flooding
  • Move vehicles to a safe location, preferably out of the path of the storm
  • Heed all evacuation warnings
  • Check emergency generators and ensure they will work when needed
  • If time permits,
    • Remove items form desktops and walls, disconnect electrical appliances and equipment
    • Any important files, computers, equipment should be moved to a higher floor, or if that is not possible, to the middle of the building. Remove items in the lower drawers if possible.
    • Cover copiers, printers, and other equipment with heavy plastic
    • Make sure you have pictures of the building and inside areas