Winter weather conditions can pose tricky challenges for drivers, leading to potentially fatal mistakes. The following are tips in snowy, icy, and wet environments.

1) Preventing Blocked Visuals
Prepare by: cleaning mirrors, windows, lights, and reflective tape of any snow before taking a drive; watching brake lights ahead; checking your own lights are functional; defrosting; looking out for other drivers whose visibility may be limited; and beware of heavy snow that could be blocking your view of a driver ahead.
2) Keep Yourself Safe and Warm by Having Cold Weather Essentials & Emergency Equipment On Hand
Plan ahead. Always have extra warm clothing, gloves, flashing, rain gear, windshield fluid, blankets, a bag of sand or salt, tire chains, jumper cables, snow scraper, and brushes. In case of a vehicle malfunction, also try to bring a flashlight, extra tries, and battery.

3) Stay Safe on Slick Surfaces and Black Ice
Be extra cautious while traveling over bridges, braking at red lights and stop signs, and entering/exiting highways by not taking sharp turns and/or driving at a high speed. Stay alert and maintain a slower speed, particularly during black ice conditions.

4) Avoid Slick Road Accidents by Practicing Defensive Driving Skills
Slow down and allow extra, safe distance from other vehicles. Accelerate and decelerate carefully and gradually.
Always remember, a good driver shuts down when there is too much ice, snow, or driving winds.