View source:  Ernest Hamilton 

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the world as we know it; increasing the shift to remote and virtual business models for organizations around the globe. This new paradigm shift has impacted the way people work, access data, and collaborate, as well as their overall view on life-work balance.

Why a Business Continuity Is Important

business continuity plan, also known as a BCP, refers to the business’s steps to recover from unexpected threats to the organization.  It makes sure that in case of a disaster, both personnel and assets are protected. It forms part of an organization’s overall risk management.

The Importance of Planning and Security

While we may be confined, our thinking is not.  With businesses in the race to recovery, management should also think about emerging as leaders.  Taking into account the recent pandemic, contingency planning has emerged as a significant consideration for businesses the world over. Continuity planning is useful for any unexpected situation, including the ongoing pandemic, weather catastrophes, or a mass worker strike.