By: Brent Best

Different safety tools are beneficial to create safe workplaces on and off the job. Here are some examples on providing a safer environment for employees.

  • Driver Monitoring Systems: Lane departure alerts, front and rear end collision avoidance
  • Vehicle Cell Blocking Technology: Prevent texting, making and receiving calls, and emails
  • Nutrition and Activity: Promotion of healthy eating habits and activity through gym, hiking, and sports
  • Adequate Sleep: 8 hours of sleep each night and turning off electronic devices 2 hours prior to bed
  • Boost Employee Productivity: Incentive programs to increase productivity
  • Wearables: Gather data, minimize downtime across the workforce, and last line of defense against workplace injury
  • Smart Clothing: Heated jackets, cooling vests, charging work boots to track user fatigue and provide lighting
  • Sensors: Track workers movements to determine where everything happens on a job site including slips and falls

Various types of technology and innovation help companies create safer environments for their workforce and provide a level of contentment. Companies need to continue to explore “safety first” mechanisms to provide a safer environment since employees play a critical role in every business.


Brent Best is a Technical Investigator for eRisk Solutions.