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It’s not always fun to be “that guy” pointing out how safety can be improved, what could go wrong, and how people could get hurt. Fact is, this type of awareness saves lives, along with minimizing lost productivity and chance of harmful litigation. Emergency communications expert Doug Levy recently shared his article, “Five things you can do right now to boost safety for you and others”, a small excerpt of which you’ll find below.

  1. Every time you start a meeting, point out the exits. If there was an emergency right now, do you know where to go? What if that route is blocked by an armed shooter or fire? Knowing how to get out helped save lives in Pittsburgh last month and in countless other emergencies. Whether you are giving a speech, kicking off any kind of meeting, or hosting a party, just point out the exits at the start — the same way you probably point out bathrooms and refreshments.

Making safety a part of your daily conversations will raise awareness and improve response, both of which are critical to surviving major incidents. To see the rest of Doug’s potentially life-saving tips visit his article by clicking here.