By: Kevin Kolhonen

Learning management software is a way of administering training through an internet web portal. Users of LMS systems are given web based training through animation, video and interactive learning. This new age way of teaching allows individuals the opportunity to gain training even when an in-person instructor is not present.

The eRisk LMS was developed by eServices Co. to give this web based training to their insured and to prospective clients who are in the energy, construction, and transportation industries.

It is important in today’s working world to get the training necessary to consistently do your job safely and without injury. The LMS allows men and women to recognize industry best practices and reinforce those skills through online testing after the on-line training portion is completed. Companies who utilize the LMS can benefit from easy tracking and reporting of employee’s performance of the training.

Learning management software when utilized correctly can benefit everyone. Here is a list of some current LMS training available on eRisk’s eLive Connect on-line training website.

  • OSHA’s Focus Four – Fall Protection
  • OSHA’s Focus Four – Struck by Hazards
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation
  • Confined Space Entry – Construction
  • Heat Illness
  • Cold Stress
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety
  • Exterior convenience Store Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Excavation and Trenching
  • Advanced Driver Training

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Kevin Kolhonen is the Regional Safety Manager for eRisk Solutions.