By: Michelle McCarthy

In today’s world, the importance of staying ahead in businesses is imperative, to say the least. Since the advent of the world-wide-web, to Google, and now the cloud, information is at our fingertips on our desktops, laptops, or tablets, and now even on our accessories like watches and eyewear. We are a society that can’t get enough information on demand, which is very different from the “old days” of heading out to the library and gathering information from books, magazines, encyclopedias and periodicals, etc. Now just about anything and just about everything is readably available 24/7 from anywhere or anyplace in the world.

Most businesses today have taken a proactive approach to keeping employees up to date through the benefits of technology.  Businesses have the ability to offer in-house training classes as well as online 24/7 Learning Management Systems to provide trainings, webinars, tailgate meetings, etc. Most corporate partners offer trainings to keep up to date on new technology and platforms as another means of staying ahead. More businesses take advantage of association trainings included in their memberships, webinars, and also trainings at conferences. Nowadays, firms are taking full advantage of the in-house approach utilizing 24/7 options to train employees.  This allows for on demand training as, and when, needed. Scheduling can be done on demand, and this proactive approach allows a win-win for both employee and employer.

In the evolving world, businesses must use technology and time management together to grow and simplify processes.  As Francis Bacon said in 1597, “Knowledge is Power.”


Michelle McCarthy is the VP of Marketing for eServices Co.