Importance of Claims Investigation and Response

Last year, there was over $80 billion lost in insurance fraud in the United States. Whether its property, auto, or something else, fraud has become out of control in this country. As a result of this, the claims investigation has become critical in combatting these trends.  For example, when an accident occurs, it is crucial to follow certain steps to ensure that a proper investigation occurs.

The Basics of the Accident Investigation

Below is a list of steps that should be taken when an accident occurs. This is just an example of certain steps, and does not include all the steps that should be taken.

  • Fast emergency response, preferably while the vehicles are still on scene
  • Inspect and document the scene and vehicles at the loss
  • Use of technology to document the loss and gather data
  • Download and analyze any crash data from the involved vehicles
  • Canvas the scene for any line of sight cameras and identify potential witnesses

In addition to proper investigation, certain risk management technologies such as dash cameras have a significant impact on the claims investigation. Dash cameras can prove conclusively if a truck driver is at fault in an accident. In loss events where a commercial truck is involved in an accident with a private passenger vehicle, the commercial vehicle is nearly always targeted by litigants due to the availability of higher limits. This occurs even though the Federal Highway Administration states that the car driver’s behavior is 3x more likely to contribute to the fatal accident than the truck driver’s behavior.

Claims investigation and response is a needed tool to combat trends that are effecting various industries today. Fast, effective, reliable, and affordable claims investigation and response can generate significant cost savings.