Social Media & Insurance Claims

Everyone is on social media and companies have been taking advantage of this cost-effective marketing platform by pushing their brand and informative content, as well as ads in front of millions of targeted followers. If you are not utilizing social media, then you need to begin as you are missing out on introducing yourself to hundreds of thousands of potential clients. Before you dive in completely, you need to be aware of the pros as well as the cons of what these tools can do for you.

Advantages of Social Media for Insurance Companies

There are three key advantages when it comes to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn:

  • Networking: You cannot overlook the value of getting your name out there among your industry. This is a great platform to connect and learn how to help each other grow.
  • Marketing: Again, these these platforms provide a cost-effective way of getting brand exposure.
  • Combat fraud: Insurance fraud is something that every carrier has to deal with. You can now investigate these matters using social profiles. For example, if a worker files for worker’s comp and claims their back is injured, yet posts on Facebook that they are playing softball this weekend, you can investigate the claim and win your case.

There are some disadvantages when it comes to being more social. For starters, public opinion is bigger than ever and people can tell others what they think about your business. Because public opinion is still a major factor in bringing in new clients, you have to make sure that you are protecting your reputation as best as you can.

As you look to improve your marketing strategy, being interactive on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are great starts. They are not only affordable options, but they put your name out there and offer the chance of gaining new clients. Make sure that you are sharing informative information, meaning you are educating people on what services you can provide them and why they will benefit from hiring you.