5 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Cyber Protection

Some business owners believe that the standard systems that are in place are more than enough to keep their data secure. That may be, but it may also be that you just haven’t been targeted yet. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that you need to protect yourself. Being attacked can create several problems:

  1. It can kill a business: On average, over 60% of small businesses that experience a cyber attack end up going out of business within the next five years. This only includes major attacks where the company lost valuable customer data.
  2. You are responsible for your clients’ data: Remember, when you ask a new customer for their phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, and other valuable information, you are taking the responsibility of protecting it.
  3. It will shut you down: If you operate online, whether you are marketing and/or selling, these attacks will completely shut that down and keep you down for a while.
  4. It can impact your marketing: Running an ad only to have a customer click on that ad and come to a site that is not functioning properly is the easiest way to lose a potential client.
  5. Customers feel safer with a secure company: Consumers know that they are giving you so much personal information including their credit card numbers.
How to Protect Yourself?

Changing your passwords on a regular basis, keeping an eye on credit card statements, signing up for real-time alerts, and other tools will help keep your information safe. Staying up with the latest hardware and encryption features are great ways to keep your data safe from the wrong people getting their hands on it.

Don’t wait for a problem, be proactive and start finding effective ways to keep your data secure.