How To Be Ahead Of The Curve This Hurricane Season

The good news about hurricanes is that we have warning and time to prepare. The bad news is the devastation can be big and people tend to take them less seriously because they get plenty of warning. Always remember, the damage done by these storms is more than just heavy winds. The majority of the destruction caused by a hurricane usually has to do with floods, tornadoes and flying debris. That’s why preparation is key.

How to prepare

Preparation for a major storm should begin weeks ahead of time. There are several things you need to do and the early you start planning, the better. Some basic ways to get ready include:

  • Supplies: Water, food that does not need to be refrigerated, extra medications, extra water for washing and cleaning, pet supplies and more should be gathered and collected.
  • Energy: Batteries, gas for your car as well as generators, propane for grills, candles and more need to be gathered and safely stores. Be careful where you store gas and propane because you do not want to expose anyone to the fumes but you do also do not want the containers exposed to the elements either.
  • Protection: Shutters over all the windows and/or plywood are very helpful. Also be sure that you bring in anything outside that could be lifted by heavy winds. This includes: outdoor furniture, grills, decoration, pool cleaning supplies, plants that are not in the ground and anything else you see outside.
  • Communication: If cell phone towers are damaged you could be without a way to communicate with people for days or weeks. Have a landline phone as well as a radio so that you can get any updates if you lose power and signal.
What to do if there is damage

If you do experience any severe damage make sure you file an insurance claim. It’s always a good idea to take pictures of your home and belongings before the storm just so you have a record of the condition everything was in.

After the storm you want to be as detailed as possible about the damage that has occurred. Pictures and videos are the best way to monitor the damage and make sure you get in contact with your insurance company about getting repairs and cleaning up. Keep track of all expenses for preparation, cleaning and any repair work that is done. However, make sure that everything is safe before you begin to assess the damage. Watch out for down power lines, deep water, sharp objects, broken glass or structures that are falling apart.

If you do not feel comfortable staying at home during a hurricane then you can check your local city for information on shelters. No one wants to deal with these major storms but if you are prepared and stay calm, you have much less to be concerned with.

Cutting The Cost Of Commercial Auto Insurance

The cost of doing business is going up, regardless of what industry you are in. Reducing those costs is important, not only to keep your profits up but to keep your prices down so that your customers remain with you. One major expense businesses have is commercial auto insurance. Customers want service and products faster and there has been a major spike in companies that offer deliver services. That’s great for business but it also brings a spike in the costs for you.

Cutting cost is not only a great way to save money but it allows you to offer the same great service and products at low prices for your customers. When it comes to commercial auto insurance, there are several things you can do that will save you money:

  • Get prices: Don’t be afraid to shop around. Insurance companies are going to battle for your business and you may either find lower prices or better coverage for the same price.
  • Safe drive discounts: Make safe driving mandatory. Whether it’s personal or commercial coverage, the driving records of your company will impact your price. If everyone has a good record it will be easier to save. Also look for providers who offer discounts if you go a certain number of months without an incident.
  • Combine services: There are a lot of companies that offer multiple tiers of coverage. See what else they offer and if you can combine a few services you may be eligible for a discount and can save even more money.
  • Raise your deductible: When an accident happens you want to have as much covered as possible. However, if you raise your deductible, your monthly costs will be lower, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Obviously, it will cost you more if something does occur but if the difference is worth it to you then it’s something to look into.
  • Pay upfront: Many companies also offer a discount of you pay 3-6 months in advance. If that’s not an issue for your company to do you can save thousands over the course of the year, making it more affordable for you.

Remember, when you are trying to cut your commercial auto insurance cost the most important thing to do is speak with multiple providers. Everyone has something different to offer and finding the best deal may not always be about the sticker price. Someone may cost more but offer better discounts and coverage which provides you with the better bang for your buck.


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