Why do you want a strong safety culture within your company? Safety Committees are extremely helpful in making sure an effective safety culture is developed and maintained.

Safety Committees means involving employees in a safety committee helps to further promote their overall well being.  Your employees are directly in the field representing your company and have a strong understanding of what steps need to be taken to build and maintain a safe environment.

A Safety Committee is your own internal consulting group. The group improves your company’s competitive edge, and acts as a forum for management and employees to work together. According to the Maine Department of Labor, “ideal Safety Committees have representatives from all departments and shifts as well as from both management and labor force.”

Safety Committee members are problem solvers making critical decisions on risk management initiatives. It is important to make sure that all committee members are encouraged to actively participate in the discussions. Employee should feel that they have an equal say in setting safety standards as management within your company. Typical committee duties can include developing safe work practices, developing written safety programs, facilitating safety training, workplace self-inspections, and accident investigation.

Safety Committees are an important step to promoting a safety culture in your workplace that will not only support the wellness of employees though help to impact your company’s bottom line.




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