With 2016 coming to a close, many businesses are reviewing the past year’s successes and failures as well as identifying key areas of focus for the New Year. During this process, it is important to review current safety processes, programs and plans from the past 12 months to determine performance and identify gaps where improvement is needed.

What are some areas to focus on for 2017?

  • Focus on Training and Education

All employees should be aware of new regulations for the coming year including OSHA and additional industry-wide. In addition to this, workers should have an understanding of all on-site working equipment. This training can be done through group or individual trainings. It would be beneficial to schedule a Safety Day meeting at the beginning of the year to go over the goals and objectives of the company during the year with a focus on safety and following best practices. Many resources are also available today for online training programs such eServices’ program eLive Connect that would be beneficial to educate workers throughout the year.

  • Increase Communication

Communication is key and should be a focus point especially with front-line workers. There should be an emphasis with front-line employees that when a worker ignores a safety procedure someone feels comfortable to speaks up and voice their concern.

  • Motivating Workers

Building a culture that motivates employees is critical for every company though it is especially important for high-risk industrial sectors such as oil and gas, heavy metal/steel and construction. Motivating workers and maintain a safe environment can be combated through recognizing workers that comply with safety rules. For example, this can be done through a safety incentive program.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hope that these suggestions help as you are creating your business goals and objectives for 2017.